#100DaysOfWeb3 Day 1: Journey Starts

Today I'm officially started my journey to learn Web3. I don't know where this will be going, but I'm hyped. Coming as backend engineer with familiarities in technologies like Java and Go, I expect the idea of Web3 wouldn't be that hard to grasp especially on Solidity part. My journey will be written in series, I'll try to write two blogs each week summarizing what I have learned. Daily progress will be on my twitter @0xRobotboy and will embed them in the series posts. The goal for me starting this series is to build a project on top of EVM-compatible ecosystem, and also I haven't really do technicals writing and I want to shape my skill on that.

This is not actually my first day, I have done 2 bootcamps on Buildspace a week ago. They have great bootcamps on Quick Intro to Solidity and how to build NFT project which is I highly recommend wether you are veteran software engineer and want to get your hands dirty on the technology or coming from other unrelated discipline. That being said, I don't like Buildspace uses Replit on their bootcamps for their front-end (read: React) part. The idea you need to register to another website for getting involved in the bootcamp was almost make me stop. But I ended up continue using Replit anyway because I was not familiar on how to bootstrap React project. And I can also host the front-end part on Replit, too, which is nice. Later I want to learn how to put Solidity code and React part on same directory so I can push to on repository at Github and deploy it on other platform.

Web3 is really on the rise right now with massive adoption for cryptocurrencies, apart from the fact most people come into cryptocurrencies not for the tech but for the speculative trading, I believe. But from software engineering perspective, I saw the potential on Web3 and maybe even add "Web3" or "Solidity Engineer" on my resume in the near future 🙂.